What baptism is not.

If you have accepted God’s gift of salvation, your future in Heaven is secure (John 10:28). Baptism is not part of your salvation. Rather, it is something that you are to do afterwards (Acts 8:35-37).

What baptism is.

1.) Baptism is the next step of obedience after salvation (Matthew 28:19). A new Christian should be baptized before becoming involved in church.

2.) Baptism is a symbolic act in which a church leader immerses a new Christian in water. Going under the water represents how Jesus died so that we could be freed from sin’s penalty. Rising out of the water represents how, just as Jesus rose again, a Christian has been given a new identity in Jesus Christ (Romans 6:4).

3.) Baptism is a public event. It is a declaration of your commitment to following Jesus (I Peter 3:21). For this reason, baptism is an open event witnessed by  the entire church.

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