Our Vision 

Our vision is for a church that is passionate about teaching and preaching the word of God. Passionate about reaching the lost, reaching the hurting, and helping them to heal and mature first through a personal relationship with Christ, second through the comforting love of Christ and third, through the spiritually maturing knowledge of His word.

We want to be known as a place where the love of God heals, where all are welcome, and the hurting and lost can come in and experience the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ and become a part of a local family of believers.

God has called us to be a welcoming and loving church with a Passion for God’s Word and Compassion for His people. Our vision can be summed up succinctly in two words – New Beginnings.

New Beginning Baptist Church seeks to give all people a place they can start afresh, a place they can start anew in Christ in a loving church family who accepts them into their fellowship based on Christ’s love and sacrifice for them.

Your New Beginning Starts Here!

A New Beginning in Christ – First and foremost, we seek to give people a new beginning with Christ – we seek to lead people to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. The answer to all of life’s issues, difficulties and needs is ultimately a vibrant, healthy and authentic relationship with Jesus Christ as one’s personal Lord and Savior.

A New Beginning from heartache – we seek to comfort those who are grieving, to reach out to those whose heart is aching and give them a safe place to receive support from a church family who understands and wants to help and minister to them.

A New Beginning from past mistakes – sometimes things happen, sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we sin, sometimes others sin against us, troubles in life happen. We seek to provide Biblical counsel and support to help those navigating these crisis points in life and get them ANCHORED IN CHRIST and His word.

A New Beginning of Learning – we seek to teach doctrine, to disciple, to help believers grow in Christian maturity and knowledge and to equip them to reach others and to help others on their new beginnings journey.

A New Beginning in Ministry – We envision people that are saved through our ministry, people that are helped through a crisis point in life through our ministry to then reach out to others and seek to win others to Christ and seek to help others navigate crisis points in their life. And then in turn disciple those people who will in turn keep the ministry tree growing and growing.

We envision a day, once we get a building of our own, to have people meeting every night of the week at our church, ministering in outreach support groups, continually helping people navigate these crisis points, all the while pointing them to Jesus for salvation and getting them involved in our church and perpetuating the process.